• Why Virginians Should Vote for Robert Sarvis

    Why Vote Robert Sarvis for U.S. Senate in Virginia

  • Upcoming Sarvis for Senate Campaign Stops

    Following successful campaign stops this week in the Tidewater region, including speaking events at Virginia Wesleyan College and Old Dominion University, Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis announced additional events over the next week.

    Upcoming events include a campaign forum sponsored by Crusade for Voters, a community organization dedicated to African-American voter registration and education in Richmond. Other campaign stops continue Robert Sarvis's outreach to young voters with speaking events at several Virginia universities and high schools, including Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, his alma mater.

    Reporters interested in covering any of the following events or arranging interviews with Robert Sarvis may contact Nicholas Cote at (571) 425-1261 or

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  • 3rd District Gerrymandering Highlights Need for Nonpartisan Redistricting

    Following Tuesday's federal court decision striking down Virginia's Third Congressional District boundaries, Robert Sarvis has called for nonpartisan redistricting for state and federal elections, saying:

    "Even absent a racial motivation, gerrymandering for partisan advantage and incumbent protection is also wrong. It is specifically designed to perpetuate power and deprive voters of competitive elections and fair representation. It's self-dealing in the worst possible way, literally rigging the system."

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  • Sarvis, Warner, Gillespie at Roanoke Chamber

    Virginia voters won’t hear from all the candidates for U.S. Senate at tonight’s exclusionary “debate,” but you can get a sample of what that would look like by watching yesterday’s candidate forum in Roanoke. Each took questions separately, so Ed Gillespie and Mark Warner escaped being confronted directly by Robert Sarvis.

    Sarvis, Warner, Gillespie on Foreign Policy in Roanoke

    Democrat Mark Warner expressed openness to having troops on the ground in military operations against ISIS.

    Meanwhile Republican Ed Gillespie bragged about his role in the Bush White House, ignoring the Bush Administration’s disastrous foreign policy that created the power vacuum in Iraq filled by ISIS.

    Only Libertarian Robert Sarvis provides an alternative to the interventionist foreign policy supported by the establishment in both major parties.

  • Sarvis Looks Forward to Same-Sex Couples in Virginia Celebrating Their Marriages

    Following the announcement Monday by the United States Supreme Court, that it would not review pending decisions by lower courts regarding same-sex marriage, Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis made the following statement:

    "Marriage freedom is a deeply important issue to me, which is why I made it a centerpiece of my campaign for governor last year.

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  • Profile of Robert Sarvis by Joe Dashiell (WDBJ-7)


  • Robert Sarvis Endorsed By Gary Johnson, Our America PAC

    Former Republican Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson and the Our America PAC have endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis and released a statement arguing that "Robert Sarvis is Virginia's Only Real Choice for Liberty and Freedom." 

    Johnson pointed to Virginia's increasing diversity, saying that Sarvis "understands both liberty and diversity." 

    Responding to the endorsement, Sarvis said:

    "It's an honor to receive these endorsements. I have enormous respect for Gary Johnson and what he has accomplished as a businessman, as a Governor, and as an outspoken leader for freedom, equality, civil liberties, and fiscal responsibility. And the Our America PAC is an important voice for freedom that eschews partisanship and focuses on issues. I thank them for their endorsements." 

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  • Gillespie's Call for Next Attorney General to "Uphold Our Constitution" Rings Hollow

    Following Ed Gillespie's call for Eric Holder's successor as Attorney General to "impartially defend our laws and uphold our Constitution," Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis responded in a statement

    It's utterly hypocritical for Ed Gillespie to raise concerns about the Executive Branch failing to uphold our Constitution given the Bush Administration's devastating record on civil liberties. Let's not forget that the Bush Administration started a warrantless wiretap program without Congressional authorization. 

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  • Gun owners should take NRA endorsement with a handful of salt

    In response to the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund's endorsement of Republican Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate, Robert Sarvis issued the following statement:

    "Gun owners should take any endorsements and ratings by the NRA with at least a handful of salt. The NRA consistently carries water for the political establishment at the expense of principle. I have previously been rated 'very pro-gun' by Virginia Citizens Defense League, while Ed Gillespie has yet to even return their survey."

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  • Robert Sarvis's Speech at Hob Nob in the Valley

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