• Sarvis Picks Up Endorsements

    Former Republican Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson and the Our America PAC have endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis and released a statement arguing that "Robert Sarvis is Virginia's Only Real Choice for Liberty and Freedom." 

    Johnson pointed to Virginia's increasing diversity, saying that Sarvis "understands both liberty and diversity." 

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  • Gillespie's Call for Next Attorney General to "Uphold Our Constitution" Rings Hollow

    Following Ed Gillespie's call for Eric Holder's successor as Attorney General to "impartially defend our laws and uphold our Constitution," Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis responded in a statement

    It's utterly hypocritical for Ed Gillespie to raise concerns about the Executive Branch failing to uphold our Constitution given the Bush Administration's devastating record on civil liberties. Let's not forget that the Bush Administration started a warrantless wiretap program without Congressional authorization. 

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  • Gun owners should take NRA endorsement with a handful of salt

    In response to the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund's endorsement of Republican Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate, Robert Sarvis issued the following statement:

    "Gun owners should take any endorsements and ratings by the NRA with at least a handful of salt. The NRA consistently carries water for the political establishment at the expense of principle. I have previously been rated 'very pro-gun' by Virginia Citizens Defense League, while Ed Gillespie has yet to even return their survey."

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  • Robert Sarvis's Speech at Hob Nob in the Valley

  • On Constitution Day, Senate Candidate Unveils Bill of Rights Scorecard

    In observance of Constitution Day, the day honoring the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787, Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis made the following statement:

    "Our Constitution needs a champion in Washington, D.C. Both Republicans and Democrats have aided the growth of the federal government beyond its means, the abridgement of our civil liberties, and violations of the separation of powers.

     "Neither Mark Warner nor Ed Gillespie can be trusted to protect our constitutional liberties. I'm the only candidate in the race who will consistently defend the Constitution and the entire Bill of Rights."

    The Sarvis for Senate campaign also unveiled a "Bill of Rights Scorecard" online so Virginia voters can compare and contrast the three U.S. Senate candidates. The scorecard can be found at


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  • Sarvis: No Executive Military Action Against ISIS Without Specific Congressional Authorization

    In a statement, Robert Sarvis criticizes President Obama for his new bombing campaign in the Middle East, which the President plans to initiate without Congress' expressed, constitutional approval, saying:

    "The President claimed he already has authorization for war, but the growing consensus is that he does not. The Authorization of the Use of Military Force does not cover this military action, and the President should have asked for approval before beginning the bombing campaign a month ago. He should certainly ask for Congressional approval now before continuing and expanding it."

    Sarvis then goes on to enumerate several causes of concern that ought to be debated in Congress and recalls the unintended consequences of the United States' military action in Libya, including the collapse of order and the evacuation of the American embassy there.

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  • Libertarian Responds to Family Research Council PAC Endorsement

    After the Family Research Council Action PAC announced its endorsement of Republican Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate, Robert Sarvis responded in a statement:

    "The Family Research Council's self-described confidence that Ed Gillespie will champion limited government and individual liberties is misguided, if not laughable. As Chairman of the Republican National Committee and Bush Administration official, Gillespie championed bigger government and intrusions into our civil liberties."

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  • Sarvis: Gillespie's new TV ad is "classic misdirection"

    Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie released a television advertisement attacking Mark Warner for being a blank check for President Obama, but Robert Sarvis responds sharply in a statement:

    "Ed Gillespie's ad is classic misdirection. He wants voters to look in one direction at Mark Warner's record of voting with Barack Obama 97 percent of the time, but he doesn't want them to see his own record he's hiding in his other hand. Mark Warner may be a blank check for Obama, but Ed Gillespie was a blank check for George W. Bush."

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  • Robert Sarvis Speech at Buena Vista Labor Day Festival

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  • Sarvis Accepts Invitation to Debate at University of Mary Washington

    Robert Sarvis has accepted a debate invitation at the University of Mary Washington, saying in a statement:

    “I call on both of my opponents to accept invitations to the debate so the people of Virginia can have at least one real debate among all the candidates on the ballot. I’d also like to thank the organizers for inviting me and creating this opportunity to give Virginians the real debate they deserve.” 

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