On the Issues

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Jobs & Economic Growth

End cronyism and unshackle the economy. Economic freedom leads to innovation, job-creation, and wage growth.

Debt, Spending & Balanced Budgets

Reduce spending. Simplify taxes. Reform entitlements. Reverse bureaucratic bloat. Balance the budget.

Healthcare Reform

Real healthcare reform begins with deregulation—more healthcare service-providers, rational incentives, and innovation will produce accessible and affordable care.

Civil Liberties & Surveillance

Restore and protect civil liberties by ending government mass surveillance of innocent citizens.


Reject nativism and protectionism. Welcome immigrants of all skill levels.

Foreign Affairs

Lead the world by example—protect freedom at home and engage in free trade with all peaceful nations.

Drug Reform

Legalize marijuana at the federal level and end the catastrophic drug war. Reduce incarceration of nonviolent criminals. End asset-forfeiture abuse. Reverse the militarization of police.

Freedom to Marry: Same-Sex Marriage

Treat same-sex couples equally.

Freedom to Carry: Gun Rights & the Second Amendment

Protect gun rights and respect the Second Amendment.

Term Limits, Nonpartisan Redistricting, and Other Electoral Reforms

It's time to enact Congressional term limits and non-partisan redistricting for Congressional districts. And that's not all.

Pipelines & Eminent Domain

Don't give private companies special privileges and eminent domain powers.

Environmental Policy

Protect the environment through strict liability rules, market-based mechanisms, and innovation prizes.

Economic Stability

Deep economic recessions and financial crises often stem from monetary policy mistakes. Establish a rule-based NGDP-targeting policy.

Farm & Food Freedom

End unnecessary regulations and restrictions on farmers and wasteful subsidies to Big AgriBusiness.


 Congress does not have the power to pass laws restricting abortions.


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