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Jobs & Economic Growth

Economic freedom leads to innovation, job-creation, and wage growth. End cronyism and unshackle the economy.

Taxes & Spending

Reduce military spending. Reform entitlements. Reverse bureaucratic bloat. Simplify taxes.

Civil Liberties

Restore and protect civil liberties. End government surveillance. Reverse the militarization of police.


Reform our laws to welcome immigrants of all backgrounds.

Foreign Affairs

Lead the world by example—protect freedom at home and engage in free trade with all nations.

Drug Reform

Legalize marijuana at the federal level and end the catastrophic drug war.

Gun Rights

Respect the Second Amendment and protect gun rights.

Death Penalty

Focus on reforms that reduce error and disincentivize seeking the death penalty.

Environmental Policy

Protect the environment through liability rules, market-based mechanisms, and innovation prizes.

Monetary Policy

Reduce economy-hemorrhaging policy mistakes by establishing a rule-based NGDP-targeting policy.

Farm Freedom

End unnecessary regulations and restrictions on, and wasteful subsidies to, farmers.

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