About Robert Sarvis


Robert Sarvis, 38, is a native of Virginia. He was born at Fairfax Hospital, grew up in West Springfield, and graduated from the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology. He has earned degrees in mathematics from Harvard University and the University of Cambridge, a J.D. from N.Y.U. School of Law, and a Master's in economics from George Mason University. He has a diverse professional background, with experience as an entrepreneur and small-business owner, a software engineer and mobile-app developer, a math teacher, and a lawyer. Rob is married to a pediatrician from Greenville, MS, with whom he is raising two beautiful children in Annandale, Virginia.

In 2013, Robert Sarvis ran for Governor of Virginia. His vision of a Virginia that's "Open-minded and Open for Business", along with his straightforward message of freedom and good government, won the respect of voters and political commentators alike. Sarvis received the highest vote share for a third-party candidate in a Southern state in forty years.

Rob has chosen to run again in 2014 because his support for freedom and good government is even more necessary at the federal level. He is campaigning to be your Senator because he is appalled at how far Republicans and Democrats have strayed from basic principles of good government. Rob wants to give you a real option for leadership that is open-minded, intelligent, and economically literate.

Robert Sarvis is the perfect candidate to help solve the problems in Washington. He avoids partisanship and rejects culture wars and class wars. He brings people together by seeking to expand freedom, restore civil liberties, embrace immigrants with open arms, expand economic opportunities, and curtail foreign interventionism. He understands the federal government's fiduciary duties toward its citizens and speaks to voters honestly and substantively.

Robert Sarvis also best represents the increasingly diverse population of Virginia. He is mixed-race (half-Chinese) and in a mixed-race marriage. He is well-educated and understands technology. He has worked in the public and private sectors and he knows both what it's like to be laid off and what it's like to start a business. He has mentored both elementary and high school students and has worked on pro bono legal cases involving battered women and asylum seekers. Above all, he is cognizant of the need for balance between government power that protects our rights, and limitations on government power to protect our freedom.

It's time to step out of the two-party system. Now is the time to take a chance on a candidate who is not beholden to the two major parties and their monied special-interest backers. Stand up for Freedom and Equality.

Support Rob's campaign today.

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